British Gas International Meet experience for two Southampton Swimmers

Two Southampton swimmers qualified for the British Gas International swimming meet, held in Leeds between 7-10 March 2013. The meet featured many swimmers and medalists from the London 2012 Olympic Games providing tough racing over 4 days.

7th March

18yrs/Under 400m Freestyle (Tom’s pb 4:14.34)
Tom Diaper-Fox (16yrs) 4:17.11 24th
Heat Splits:
100m 59.71
200m 2:05.71

16yrs/Under 200m Individual Medley (Elizabeth’s pb 2:23.17)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 2:26.36 12th
Fly 31.44
BK 37.81
BR 42.27
FC 34.84

16yrs/Under 800m Freestyle (Elizabeth’s pb 9:19.51)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 9:28.90 17th
100m 1:06.28
200m 1:11.27 2:17.55
400m 2:22.97 4:40.52
600m 2:24.56 7:05.08
800m 2:23.82

8th March

16yrs/Under 400m Individual Medley (Elizabeth’s pb 5:02.91)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 5:11.39 13th
Fly 1:09.46
BK 1:20.46
BR 1:27.39
FC 1:12.61

16yrs/Under 200m Breaststroke (Elizabeth’s pb 2:40.86)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 2:47.13 22nd
50m 37.19
100m 43.07 1:20.26
150m 44.49
200m 42.48 1:26.87

18yrs/Under 1,500m Freestyle (Tom’s pb 16:40.79)
Tom Diaper-Fox (16yrs) 16:57.09 13th
Heat Splits:
100m 1:01.03
200m 2:06.80
400m 4:21.13
800m 8:57.35
1,000m 11:15.18
1,200m 13:32.92

9th March

16yrs/Under 100m Breaststroke (Elizabeth’s pb 1:16.64)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 1:16.97 16th
50m 36.06
100m 40.91

10th March 13

16yrs/Under 200m Backstroke (Elizabeth’s pb 2:25.90)
Elizabeth Hopkins (14yrs) 2:27.84 22nd
50m 34.97
100m 37.14 1:12.01
150m 38.67
200m 37.16

18yrs/Under 800m Freestyle
Tom Diaper-Fox (16yrs) 8:59.04 9th
Heat Splits:
100m 1:00.25
200m 2:06.16
400m 4:22.09
600m 6:40.78

This British Gas International Meet 2013, also doubled up as the European Junior Championship and European Youth Olympic Trials. This competition as expected was of a very high standard with at least two London 2012 Olympic Champions and many more Olympians competing. The competition environment was as you can imagine very competitive.

Elizabeth and Tom swam well and have gained a very valuable insight into a major championship trials, they both found it tough going mentally, however they gave it there all and it has been many years since two City of Southampton SC home grown swimmers have made it to this level.

Although both outside swam outside their best I assure you it was not through lack of effort. Elizabeth and Tom now need to take the confidence gained from this high level of competition into each and every race.

Full results from the competition are available to view on the British Swimming website.

Well done Elizabeth and Tom.

David Terry
Head Coach